Karcher BD 17/5 C
Karcher BD 17/5 C

Karcher BD 17/5 C Adalah sebuah scrubber genggam inovatif dan nyaman yang mampu membersihkan daerah permukaan yang keras kecil dan sudut kaku seperti tangga dan kusen jendela dengan cepat. Hal ini juga memungkinkan untuk membersihkan kedua permukaan horisontal dan vertikal. Unit ini sempurna untuk menggosok, shampooing, polishing dan crystalising berbagai sikat dan bantalan yang tersedia untuk jenis permukaan yang berbeda.

Extensive range of accessories
  • Brushes available in different hardnesses and diameters. Also for cleaning carpets.
  • Pads and pad drive boards for smooth floors.
High-quality components
  • Device is virtually maintenance-free.
Light and compact
  • Suitable for small areas such as stairwells or window sills.
  • For easy transport.
Optionally available corner brush
  • For cleaning right into the corners. (with an optional corner brush for simultaneous horizontal and vertical use)
Extensive range of accessories
  • Versatile.
Vertical or horizontal use
  • More flexibility: Cleaning horizontal surfaces (such as stairwells or window sills) and vertical surfaces (such as risers)
Brush and driver plate replacement
  • Quick and easy adjustment to suit the particular cleaning task.

Technical data

Working width (mm) 170 / 200
Brush working width (mm) 170
Working height (mm) 330
Brush speed (rpm) 470
Brush motor power (W) 150
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 60
Voltage (V) 220 / 230
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Weight (kg) 5
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 360 x 180 x 330


  • Adjustable brush speed
  • Wheels
  • Mains operation
  • Tank, optional, 3.5 l
  • Tank, optional (2), 5 l


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